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ACI to Provide Faster Payments Service Gateway for Lloyds TSB

Nov 2, 2006
ACI to Provide Faster Payments Service Gateway for Lloyds TSB

As a fully supported product, the solution will be maintained and enhanced by ACI as the scheme changes and mandates emerge. The high volume scalability of BASE24-es and its ability to run on multiple platforms were key reasons behind choosing ACI to provide the FPS gateway.  Lloyds TSB will run the solution on an IBM System z® server. 

BASE24-es for Faster Payments offers existing bulk or high value payments systems the functionality necessary to support the Faster Payments initiative.  Lloyds TSB has been a customer of ACI for nearly 20 years and already makes extensive use of BASE24® and BASE24-es in the retail bank.  By adopting further BASE24-es components, the bank is positioned to reduce duplication across its retail payments infrastructure and achieve cost and management benefits from consolidation.  ACI considers this an excellent example of payments convergence where clients intend to reuse its core BASE24-es technology for multiple payment types. 

Darryl West, Director of Group IT at Lloyds TSB, said, “The move to Faster Payments is an important infrastructure change for us. As such we wanted a solutions partner with a strong track record in proven reliability, ease of integration and volume scalability. ACI’s history with us made them the logical choice and we are confident that we will be FPS compliant within the agreed timeframe.” 

Richard Launder, president of ACI Worldwide EMEA, said, “The Faster Payments initiative offers some significant challenges to banks due to the tight timeframe. It has also become apparent to many banks that FPS represents an opportunity to reduce duplication within their payments systems. We hope to be able to build upon this project and our previous work with Lloyds TSB to help them take advantage of the benefits that payments convergence offers.”

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