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NSB Live on BASE24-es Payments Solution

Aug 24, 2006

One of the leading financial institutions in Sri Lanka, NSB selected BASE24-es to facilitate the integration of its existing ATMs and branches to its network and main office.  The first of its kind on the island, the BASE24-es solution provides NSB with advanced authorization and routing capabilities and support for international payments to deliver state-of-the-art services to bank customers.  The implementation will involve the addition of 75 ATMs to the bank’s ATM network by the end of the year, enhancing the efficiency, convenience and flexibility of services for customers throughout NSB’s territory.   

“BASE24-es is at the heart of our integrated ATM network solution and plays a key role in our modernization effort at NSB,” said Eastman Narangoda, CEO and general manager, NSB.  “Central to that effort is the need to honor our commitment to meet customer expectations with new banking offerings at the same time we maintain quality customer service.  We are pleased to have worked with ACI Worldwide to implement the ‘anytime-anywhere’ banking services to meet these goals.”
BASE24-es supports a broad range of transaction functionality, from traditional transactions such as debit and credit at the ATM or POS as well as advanced consumer banking features such as Internet transactions and mobile commerce.  NSB selected BASE24-es to support its immediate need to transform its ATM and branch network, enable its transaction infrastructure for future growth, and execute on its long-term drive to transform its business using technology.  

“ACI is pleased that NSB has implemented BASE24-es as the key to its integrated ATM network and banking services,” said Don McLarty, president of ACI Worldwide Asia Pacific.  “We continue to see growth in electronic payments globally and especially within the Asia Pacific region.  ACI is pleased to have worked with our local partners BC Computers Limited and Financial Software and Systems to help NSB modernize its payments infrastructure.  We are confident that BASE24-es will provide a reliable, flexible and scalable platform to support NSB’s aggressive growth plans.”

Notes to editors

About National Savings Bank of Sri Lanka
The National Savings Bank of Sri Lanka is the largest saving bank in Sri Lanka with over 100 Branches and other savings outlets across the country. It has over Rs.160 Billion (US $1,600 Million) in assets and over 12 million savings accounts. 

About ACI Worldwide
Every second of every day, ACI solutions are at work processing electronic payments, managing risk, automating back office systems and providing application infrastructure services.  Founded in 1975, ACI is a leading international provider of solutions for consumer and wholesale banking, retail and cross-industry systems.  ACI serves nearly 800 customers in 84 countries including many of the world's largest financial institutions, retailers and payment processors.  Visit ACI Worldwide on the Internet at

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